7 Reasons to Outsource Sales Teams in Uncertain Times

As a business owner or decision maker, you're always looking for ways to drive success, right? In today's competitive landscape, outsourcing sales development functions is a smart solution to help your business reach its objectives. 

Not only does outsourcing offer cost savings, improved sales performance, and access to specialised skills and expertise, but it also helps you focus on your core competencies, provides flexibility and scalability, and reduces risk. But, it's not just about outsourcing - it's about choosing the right provider.

Why does choosing the right outsourced provider matter? 

When you entrust your sales development functions to an outsourcing partner, you want to be sure that they have the relevant experience, a strong understanding of sales processes, and a robust onboarding and cadence mechanism. The right provider will also have access to high-quality B2B databases and a robust Sales Enablement Platform to streamline your sales process.

By outsourcing sales development functions, you'll tap into the expertise of a dedicated sales development team, who bring fresh perspectives, improved lead generation, and a deep understanding of best practices in the sales process. 

In 2023, outsourcing sales functions will be vital to help businesses achieve goals more efficiently, maintain a steady stream of high-quality leads, and focus on core competencies whilst entrusting sales development to the experts.

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Here are 7 reasons why you need to outsource SDR teams this year. 

1. Cost Savings

Outsourcing sales development functions can help you achieve just what you’re looking for– increase your bottom line and optimise your expenses. By outsourcing, you can cut down on overhead costs like infrastructure, training, and salaries that come with building an in-house sales team.

In fact, the SalesForce State of Sales report, explained that “Sales teams experienced a 25% average turnover rate over the past year, while nearly nine out of 10 sales leaders say they struggle to get budget for needed headcount.” This goes to show that sales leaders are looking to optimise their expenses and find valuable talent who will stay in the long run. 

Outsourcing offers a flexible and scalable solution, which can be especially useful in rapidly changing market conditions. In the current economic climate, outsourcing might be your solution if your business is experiencing mass layoffs and facing budget cuts on all fronts. 

2. Improve Sales Performance and Time Savings 

Sales is a time-consuming task that takes lots of admin, research and follow-up, to find the best prospects for your pipeline. That’s why bringing in a fresh perspective and new ideas to your sales strategy can do wonders for your sales strategy. 

Outsourcing sales development functions is a smart way for businesses to access the knowledge and proficiency of a dedicated sales development team. This can not only enhance their sales performance but also help them reach their objectives with more ease and efficiency. Plus, outsourced teams can free up the time your AE’s spend on administrative tasks, and focus on the bigger picture - closing deals. 

3. Access to Specialised Skills and Expertise

Have you ever thought about expanding your talent pool and tapping into specialised skills for your sales development needs? Outsourcing these functions can bring a wealth of benefits to your business. 

For example, a team specialising in B2B sales for the technology sector can bring in a deep understanding of the industry trends and customer preferences. This can help your business make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Is your business looking to expand into new and unfamiliar markets? 

Take the Asia Pacific region for example, one of the largest and most diverse regions in the world.

Local teams have an in-depth understanding of the culture, market trends, and customer preferences of the region where your business is expanding. They can provide valuable insights and help your business navigate the local business environment and customs, leading to more effective sales and marketing strategies. 

This can help your business establish a strong foothold in the new market and achieve long-term success So, why not give it a try?

4. Focus on Core Competencies

By entrusting sales development to experts, you can free up your in-house team to focus on what they do best - your core competencies! Imagine having more time to dedicate to exciting projects like product development or delivering outstanding customer service. That's just one of the many benefits of outsourcing sales development functions. 

5. Flexibility and Scalability

In uncertain economic times, outsourcing can be a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand their sales reach. A dedicated SDR team can provide the resources and support needed for successful sales growth and expansion, and outsourcing can provide businesses with the scalability they need to meet changing sales demands.

Let's say you have a new product launch coming up and you expect a surge in demand for your product. Hiring and training an in-house sales team for this short-term increase in demand can be both time-consuming and costly.

On the other hand, outsourcing a dedicated sales development team can provide you with the resources and support you need, quickly and efficiently. The outsourced team can hit the ground running, working on generating leads and closing deals, while you focus on other priorities.

 And, once the demand subsides, you can easily scale down the size of your outsourced team without the worry of laying off employees. 

6. Improve Lead Generation

SDRs are trained specifically in lead generation and outreach and they have a deep understanding of the sales process, which allows them to generate more consistent results than an in-house team that may not have the same level of training or focus on lead generation.

Additionally, SDR teams often have access to tools and technology that can automate and streamline the lead generation process, further increasing consistency and efficiency. These factors combined can result in a higher volume and quality of leads generated by SDR teams compared to in-house teams.

7. Risk Reduction

Businesses can reduce their risk and ensure a steady stream of qualified leads with outsourced sales teams. A well-designed outsourcing strategy can help businesses stay focused on their core objectives and reach their goals more quickly, even in uncertain economic times.

In today's business landscape, outsourcing sales development functions can be a smart move for companies looking to reach new heights. Not only does it help you reach your sales goals, but it also positively impacts your bottom line, keeping you ahead of the game in these uncertain times.

If you're ready to take your sales to the next level, consider giving an SDR outsourced team a try like SalesPond. We bring teams with specialized skills and expertise that can give your business a boost in lead generation. So why wait? 

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